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The Be Bold book is an interactive journey to discovering your confidence, resulting in measurable changes in all areas of your life.

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Does this sound familiar?

You know that you’re meant for more, but insecurities and negative thoughts keep you from identifying and achieving what you actually want in life.

No matter what you’re looking to achieve, you need unbreakable confidence to get there.

Whether your goals are to grow a business, have increased self-acceptance, or simply feel good in your own skin, you must take action to break free from the thoughts that weigh you down.

You can get what you want out of life!

The journey to becoming self-assured isn’t about perfection or nailing it every day.

Having confidence doesn’t mean being free of insecurity! Confidence is having the ability to BE with uncomfortable emotions, work through them, and still go after what you want.

The best part? Confidence is an emotion that you can learn.

You’ve got this!

All you need is within you now and this book will show you how to tap into this innate potential from the inside out. The good news is that you don’t have to wait...

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At Anna Goldstein Life Coaching, I know you want to be confident about the path you're on in life or business.

In order to do that, you've got to be able to identify the life you want and go after it.

The problem is you've been so influenced by others and your own negative thoughts you struggle to identify what you actually want which makes you feel stuck.

If you're ready to gain clarity on what it takes to get a deeper sense of fulfillment and overcome the obstacles in your mind, Be Bold will help you get there!

What's In The Course ($297 Value):

When you pre-order the book TODAY, you get FREE access to the exclusive Be Bold Mini-Course!:

Module 1: What Is Confidence?

- Learn the link between success and confidence.
- Discover the true meaning of being confident.
- Go through an interactive exercise to increase your awareness

Module 2: The Most Common Roadblock

- Understand how to connect to your inner confidence.
- Uncover the thoughts that prevent you from pursuing what you really want.
- Break free from overthinking and start taking action.

Module 3: Choose Your Focus

- Transform from someone who feels insecure.
- Guide your focus to the right places.
- Begin turning obstacles into opportunities.

Module 4: Value Your Opinion

- Learn how to live YOUR own life.
- Break free of being bound by the opinions of others.
- Blaze your own trail.

Module 5: Take Action (Even When You're Afraid)

- Action steps for facing challenges that are beneficial to growth.
- Expand your confidence.
- Harness your inner-strength.

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Channel your inner confidence on-demand in this guided visualization exercise,


Unbreakable confidence takes practice! These bold mantras will help you get into the right state of mind to release what's holding you back and acheive your goals!

"This book is so joyful, beautifully designed and full of incredibly practical tips to build real confidence within. I love that Goldstein goes deep into the dynamics of the ego and provides so many tangible steps and exercises that produce a real shift."

Nicole Moore, Love Works Method

"Anna is a brilliant, results-oriented coach who understands the true meaning of confidence - which is the most important skill a human can learn. Run don’t walk to buy this book!"

Susie Moore, Best Selling Author of Stop Checking Your Likes

"Self-confidence is the most critical foundation for a happy, successful life, but it can be so hard for us to let go of negative thoughts and get out of our comfort zone. Anna shows us that confidence isn’t just about posting motivational quotes or faking our way through life. In Be Bold, she takes you down a path of true self-discovery and provides advice and exercises that help you unlock the confident you from within."

Danielle LloydCEO of Course Mogul

A Message From The Author:

Discovering self-confidence will transform your life, but the journey requires risk and letting go of the need for perfectionism.

That’s why you need to Be Bold!

I’ve been on this same path from self-discovery to clarity and confidence, and I promise you that it’s so very worth it. I also know that it can be a struggle to get started.

I get it - you've done everything you thought would work and checked all the boxes, but deep down inside, you're still looking for a deeper sense of fulfillment.

For over 15 years as a certified coach, I've helped hundreds of people just like you overcome the obstacles in their minds so they can identify the life they want and go after it with confidence.

If you’re ready to stop simply going through the motions of life but rather live a life of unapologetic fulfillment where you can boldly achieve your goals and feel great about yourself from the inside out - I invite you to order your copy of my book.

When you pre-order Be Bold today, you’ll get access to my exclusive course so you can start your transformation immediately.